Research Interests

– Earth System Science, Deep History and the Anthropocene

– Consciousness and Sentience

– Neuromorphic Computing

– Postcolonial Studies

– Psychoanalysis and Trauma Studies

– Stem-Cell Research, Organoids, Neuroscience and Plasticity

– Thermodynamics, Entropy and the Arrow of Time

– Gender, Body, Prosthesis and Exosomatization

– Multispecies Ethnography

– Radical Pedagogy

– Critical Theory and Cultural Studies

– Speculative Realism and New Materialism

– The expanded field of the Curatorial / The intersections of Artistic Practice and Curating

Courses and Seminars Taught

Art since 1900: Introduction

Institutional Critique

Artistic Practice and Architecture in the 20th Century: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Exhibition-Making 1966 – 2002: From “Primary Structures” to “documenta 11”

Che cos’è una comunità? / What is a Community?: The Built Environment, Activism and Art

Below the Surface: History as Material

What’s done cannot be undone: Entropy, Temporality and the Arrow of Time

How to Rethink a Medium? Silkscreen in Art History and Beyond

Circularity: Concepts of Repetition from Nietzsche to Cybernetics

Modalities of Becoming: On Temporality and Form